Lyn Torbarina
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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About Lyn

I am genuine and passionate about helping people make that shift to overcome personal challenges and achieve their goals.
My interest in hypnotherapy began as a counsellor and psychotherapist more than 30 years ago, in using trance techniques and noticing the very positive impact for many clients.
Life happens, which brought major changes for me.  While I loved my years of working in the Oil and Gas, Construction and Renewable Energy industries, it became clear to me that what I really wanted to do was to return to working closely with people, so an ideal opportunity to pursue my interest in hypnotherapy.
In returning to train and practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, it allows me to use my training, professional background, broad life experience and personal qualities in a creative way, while helping others toward being their most healthy and happy selves.
I consult from Therapia, 25 North Street (between Waymouth and Currie Streets) in the Adelaide CBD.



  1. Living with hypochondiasis and PTSD is seriously debilitating.  These conditions take over your life, leaving nothing of 'you' or your life untouched, unscathed.  I have tried many, many therapeutic modalities but it has been hypnotherapy that has proven to be most effective.  3 weekly hypnotherapy sessions with Lyn has opened space and distance from the trauma and distress.
    I now can feel that I am not those 'dis-eases', that I am a healthy woman with a future - a state of being that I have not felt for many years.  I am so grateful to her and her work.
    Lyn is intuitive, trustworthy, and caring and provides a space of non-judgemental ease. 
    I had 3 sessions with Lyn with each one following in a way that I knew she listened deeply, had sat 'beside' me, was fully present to me.  A gift in itself. 
    Each week Lyn used a different technique according to where I was 'at", with each technique obviously thought of by her during the intervals of our sessions.
    Very powerful, effective process.  I would thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy with Lyn, in my experience a particularly skilled practitioner.
    Sandy D
  2. For many years I've been troubled by various issues that I have not known how to deal with effectively.
    I discussed these with Lyn Torbarina, who was confident that hypnotherapy could help me regain some control over my life.
    Lyn took the time to really listen to me, without judgement, and she put a great deal of thought into how she would address each of my issues.  I felt safe and at ease with her, and noticed an improvement with one of my concerns after the very first session.  I was ecstatic.
    I have no hesitation in recommending Lyn Torbarina.  She is professional, trustworthy, respectful and extremely skilful.
    I would be more than happy to speak with anyone about my hypnotherapy experience with Lyn.
    Lyn F

  3. Lyn is great!  I visited her to stop smoking and it's the easiest and most effective way to give up.  I tried many times before but with Lyn's help I know it's going to last.  No cranky feeling and no withdrawals.  Happy non-smoker for many months now.  Thank you very much!

    Kat McA
  4. A word of thanks to Lyn Torbarina for being so effective at what she does.

    I have been (past tense) a smoker for the best part of 40 years and now thanks to the efforts of Lyn and her hypnosis, I am happy to report that I am free of these insidious and evil beasts known as cigarettes.

    I have used patches, sprays and tried cold turkey at various stages of my smoking life in an attempt to get rid of these things and while apprehensive about the success of hypnosis, I must confess, I am a convert and will be going back to see Lyn top get help with my sugar addiction too.

    Many thanks Lyn, I am enjoying the extra kisses from my non smoking wife, the extra money in my pocket, the fact that the government is no longer ripping me off via the tax on smokers, the taste and smell of my environment, food and surroundings in general and most importantly, the feeling of being a winner!

    Peter B
  5. I just thought I would do a gratitude post about an amazing lady who has helped me immensely.  Lyn Torbarina.

    Lyn is a hypnotherapist and has helped me to overcome fears deeply routed in my subconscious.  I thought I wouldn't able to be hypnotised and in my first session I couldn't help but laugh as the effects of hypnosis began to take over my body.  It is truly amazing! Lyn is an incredibly warm and kind person, she made me feel completely comfortable opening up to her and going through the process.

    If anyone is trying to overcome any type of subconscious block that is preventing them from moving forward or kick a bad habit, seriously, give Lyn a call.

    She is wonderful and I recommend her highly!

    Jaymi H
  6. I saw Lyn to give up smoking and after one session of hypnotherapy with her, havent had a smoke since.
    I smoked 30 cigarettes a day for 18 years, I'd tried many times to give up but couldn't do it.
    Now I have.  I can't believe how much easier it has been giving up this way.  It works!
    I feel great and the wife and kids are pretty happy about it too.
    Dan P

  7. Having worked in the Counselling field for over 40 years, I have had contact with a wide and diverse range of professionals in various roles (psychologiests, psychiatrists, spiritual healers and various types of counsellors).  In my opinion, Lyn is one of the best and most personable, as well as most professional I have met.  She is caring, extra-ordinarily knowledgeable and very proficient at what she does. Lyn is one of the most perceptive people I have met anywhere, with excellent listening skills and a very subtle and nuanced approach.  I particularly like the way that she spells out the parameters of what she can do for her client with a clear emphasis on what her client is willing to do to help themselves.  She is very skilled in putting information forward to allow the client to make their own decisions.
    I have found her to be honest, trustworthy and with a high degree of professional and personal integrity and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a caring knowledgeable ethical hypnotherapist.

    Paul Manuel (B.Ed)
    Solis Therapy​